DEX Token

The DEX token as opposed to DEX (Currency) has been created for the purpose of supporting ICO’s and IPO’s DEX tokens function much the same way as an Ethereum ERC20 token, however their creation is far simpler. The HoloDEX has a number of inactive modules that function as templates that can be cloned. Once the appropriate fields are completed the Module can be activated and your DEX token is ready for ICO. The ICO will be able to receive funds directly from any currency traded on the HoloDEX. Once the parameters for the ICO are complete (Funding targets have been met) the token supply will lock and the token can be immediately traded on the exchange. Once again the conversion from a DEX token to a Holochain based currency is as simple as filling out a few parameters and hitting apply. The goal of the DEX token is to provide an easy pathway from ICO to final currency.

Genesis tokens

As tokens are generally a fixed supply and there is no Global consensus the tokens issued at ICO are issued by a genesis node and are considered Genesis tokens. Receiving parties validate these initial tokens and consensus is established. From there currency validation can be established by validating the transaction history back to the genesis tokens data that has been seeded into the DHT.