Instant settlement of any traded currency

The use of a transactional currency with the order matching algorithm eliminates the need for currency pairing and allows for the instance settlement of any currency traded on the exchange. Currency trading on the exchange sets the spot price for every currency relevant to DEX. This spot price is then used to settle transactions for those who want instant convertibility.

Example: Sally goes to the food stall to purchase some lunch. Both sally and the stall holder have smart phones, the HoloDEX app installed and an account for the HoloDEX. Sally has an abundance of energy currency generated by her solar panels and has set this as her preferred payment method. The store owner only wants to receive US Dollars and has set it as his preferred receipt currency. As they both have an account on the exchange there’s no issue. Sally pays in Energy Currency and the sore owner receives USD. This exchange happened instantly using the spot price set by the market on the HoloDEX.

This settlement of transaction and currency offers far more flexibility than services such as Visa and is able to operate at a fraction of the cost.